Little Shop of Horrors

April 2008
Director: David Pfeiffer

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Little Shop production photos

Portraits with lobby background
are available in 8 x 10 only

Portraits can be ordered in lobby format
with the background shown below.
Please indicate 'LOBBY' or 'PLAIN. '

If no preference is indicated,
the plain background, as below,
will be used.

Scott Abernethy portrait
Scott Abernethy
Caitlin Bement portrait
Caitlin Bement
Amy Cylinder portrait
Amy Cylinder
Kate Diem portrait
Kate Diem
John Durco portrait
John Durco
Johanna Forte portrait
Johanna Forte
Sara Griswold portrait
Sara Griswold
Becky Malkemes portrait
Becky Malkemes

Nicholas McArtney portrait
Nicholas McArtney

CJ Mellon portrait
CJ Mellon
Tori Minner portrait
Tori Minner
Jamie Mohamdein
Jami Mohamdein
Kaywe Olson portrait
Kaywe Olson
Sara Pellegrini portrait
Sarah Pellegrini
David Pfeiffer portrait
David Pfeiffer
Pete Phillips portrait
Pete Phillips
Mandy Prescott portrait
Many Prescott
Amanda Scarpa portrait
Amanda Scarpa
Ted Schlegel portrait
Ted Schlegel

Daniel Smith portrait
Daniel Smith portrait

Robert Smith portrait
Robert Smith

Dennis Williams portrait
Dennis Williams

Adrienna Wrona portrait
Adrienne Wrona

Little Shop production photos


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